Brazilian Butt Lift is only one type of butt enhancement procedure.

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About Process

  • Fat is removed from the hips, lower back, thighs, abdomen, and/or other areas with liposuction.
  • The extracted fat is purified and prepared for transfer.
  • The cosmetic surgeon injects fat into specific points on the buttocks to increase volume and improve shape



Her You Find out What You Need !

benefit 1

Procedure Will Improve Your Body's Proportions.

benefit 2

BBLs Reduce Fat Pockets in Other Parts of Your Body.

benefit 3

Brazilian Butt Lifts Have a Natural Look and Feel.

benefit 4

It's a Safe Form of Butt Enhancement.

Client Testimonials

I felt like Dr . Elena listened to me. I had heard many great things about Dr . Elena that had to do with plastic surgery for many due to accidents and dog bites. His staff made me feel comfortable.
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Dr . Elena! I could not be more pleased with my surgery. Dr . Elena did an amazing job and I would highly recommend him to everyone Dr . Elena is very caring, supportive, has excellent bedside manners, and just an all around awesome physician.
Client Name
Dr . Elena was very attentive to my concerns. His approach showed how much he cared about my outcome and my comfort. He has a fabulous staff who I look forward to seeing during my office calls.
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