Experience the new revolutionary neuromodulator!

Experience the new revolutionary neuromodulator!

Get Enhancement in Eustache Institute 


Daxxify (daxibotulinumtoxinA-lanm) is a substance derived from botulinum toxin type A that works by blocking nerve impulses to muscles to weaken or paralyze muscles. 

About Daxxify

  • Daxxify is better then Botox Upto Nine Months .
  • Daxxify may save time and money .
  • Daxxify save 1000$ anually as compared to Botox .
  • Daxxify shows 3X times longer results to Botox.


Benefits of Daxxify

  • Smoothen or soften glabellar lines (frown lines), lateral canthal lines (crow’s feet), forehead lines
  • Performing a brow lift or concerns around the eyes such as droopy eyelids, lazy eye, and/or rapid eye blinking
  • Smoother nasal lines (bunny lines)
  • Reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds (smile or laugh lines) and marionette lines
  • Performing a lip flip to make lips more prominent
  • Reducing the appearance of lines around the lips (lip lines, smoker lines)
  • Reduce the chin orange peel (peau d’orange) by injecting into the chin to reduce the dimpling and wrinkling
  • Reduces the appearance of neck bands and neck creases
  • Jaw reduction (face slimming) by injecting Botox into the masseter muscles
  • Reduction of trapezius muscles to contour shoulders for enhanced aesthetic effect
  • Reduction of triceps muscles to slim arms for enhanced aesthetic effect


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