Six Months To Ultra- Wellness Membership

Noninvasive Weight Loss 

Discover the customized lifestyle recommendations that are the best fit for your unique body, health status, and preferences.  In each session, we will dive into the highest priorities with a focus on creating specific action steps and goals that you choose to implement.  You will be guided with professionalism and personal care. 


Includes a comprehensive health assessment.  Aligned with a full body scan, weekly, UltraSlim  Session session and targeting specific fat melting area (s)

Process to eliminate toxins & improve total body health function and performance.  

What is the relationship between toxins and disease? 

A toxin has a detrimental effect on the body when it reaches the tissue, organ or cell for which it has affinity. The effect of toxins in the body ranges from a temporary dysfunction to permanent damage. 

UltraSlim Treatment followed by a Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

Supplements that can be aligned with reducing inflammation,  and Gut health. UltraSlim Session and lymphatic massage.

Proven techniques that elevate awareness in your daily routine. Includes eating habits, better digestion and best stretch/exercise recommendations for you. UltraSlim Session Treatment, aligned with Lymphatic Drainage massage.

Body Transformational Program  $18,000 Members only

$36,000 Regular price