Our amazing team of experts is our pride and joy!

Mandi Kamish

Certified Health & Fitness Coach and an Ultra Slim Light Specialist.

“I love helping my clients find consistency in everyday life from resistance training to eating healthy and living a fulfilled lifestyle. By adding Ultra Slim Light to your life, you will increase longevity and wellbeing while achieving your fat loss goals and feeling your best.”

Elizabeth Daskalove

Certified Nutritionist and a Cellular Nutrition specialist. ⁠

“‘I don’t believe in diets’ I believe in Education. Providing our  clients with the right tools in achieving health wellness and beauty.”⁠

Victoriya Larchenko 

Certified fitness trainer, lymphatic massage therapist, breathing and meditation coach

“I am happy to help our clients to lose weight in the shortest time, to relax after hard training and to share my knowledge on how to work on your health and youthfulness with simple habits.”