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This new ball that had been made for Morgan's sport was the perfect finishing touch to the basics of the sport. Sir William Morgan was born about 1560 in Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales. Edward, s. p. 7. John, whence MORGAN OF BASSALLEG. SIR WILLIAM MORGAN of Tredegar, knighted 1633; M. P. for county 1623-25; will 1650, proved 1653; sheriff 1612; aet 93 at death ; he received Charles I. at Tredegar, 16 and 17 July, 1645 ; married 1st Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Winter of Lidney, 2d Bridget, daughter of Anthony Morgan of Heyford, county Northampton, widow of Anthony Morgan of Llanvihangel Crucorney. "Invention and History of Volleyball." J Dodson, On Annuities and Survivorships. 1534 - Abt. Charles. Isabella, married James Kemeys of Began, ob. During this venture, Morgan employed around 600 workers and shipped an average of 50,000 pounds (23,000kg) of frozen frog legs to the U.S. every month. A man who was a drunk, of low moral character and often as a thief. The three children given here from this marriage remain unproven as such. He purchased the estate of Dderw in Llyswen. [5], Morgan was born in Culpeper, Virginia, in 1774. [45] Protests against Freemasons took place in New York and the neighboring states; Masonic officials disavowed the actions of the kidnappers, but all Masons were under a cloud of suspicion. 3. Father of Abraham Morgan. [44] Accounts circulated of Morgan having assumed a new identity and settled in Albany, Canada, or the Cayman Islands, where he was said to have been hanged as a pirate. Margaret, married 1st John Kemeys, 2d William Edmunds. She had been widowed three times. In 2012, George Clooney planned to buy the rights and direct a film based on David Grann's 2012 New Yorker article on Morgan. Brother James settled in New London, Connecticut. In the middle of June 1960, Morgan and a select few former Escambray leaders met to discuss Castro's turn towards socialism and protecting the Revolution. Or did they live in Wales when they were born? (2020, August 26). ThoughtCo, Aug. 26, 2020, Issue by first wife: 1. W[illia]m Morgan. She married Henry Williams. IX. William Morgan was born on month day 1817, at birth place, to Daniel Morgan and Agnes Morgan (born Beveridge). Ironically at Springfield, Morgan met James Naismith who invented basketball in 1891. Morgan researchers have been well motivated to prove an ancestral connection for James Morgan from William and Elizabeth because she has a rich royal ancestry going back for many generations. For example, William Morgan claimed that he was a captain in the War of 1812 and that he fought directly under Andrew Jackson. In preparation for his big debut, Morgan created 2 teams of 5 men, who would help in demonstrating Mintonette in front of the conference delegates in the East Gymnasium at Springfield College. JOHN MORGAN of Newport, 1545. married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Stradling. This ancestry frequently appears in genealogical works as though it were proven, one example, probably the most often referenced, is the book "Morgans in America" by Nicholas T. Morgan, Sr. which states for William Morgan: Was born in Llandaff, Glamorgan County, Wales, about 1580; was the father of the three sons herein below named, who emigrated to America and arrived at Boston, Massachusetts in April, 1636: James, John, Miles. Unfortunately, the author does not reference the source of his contentions that these were children of William. 1713 in Colony of NJ, and died 1788. Morgan promised to contest the action. [5] With Morgan being the Director, it allowed him to devise workout plans and teach sports in depth to the young male adults. [52] In 1830, Morgan's widow, Lucinda Pendleton Morgan, married George W. Harris of Batavia, a silversmith who was 20 years older. VIII. 11. William was born about 1610 in Tredegar, Monmouth, Wales, Wal. He was abducted from near this spot in the year 1826, by Freemasons and murdered for revealing the secrets of their order. [13] Pulitzer prize-winning reporters Michael Sallah and Mitch Weiss authored the book, "The Yankee Comandante: The Untold Story of Courage, Passion and One American's Fight to Liberate Cuba. James Morgan; Watkin Morgan and 9 others; Robert Morgan; Samuel Morgan; Miles Morgan; Morgan Morgan; Nathan Morgan; Blanche Morgan; Catherine Morgan, Countess of Osmond; Col.Edward Morgan and Margeret Morgan less I am here because I believe that the most important thing for free men to do is to protect the freedom of others. Probably a factor in all of this could be a confusion about place names in Wales. [5], In August 1959, Morgan gained international attention when he helped smash a coup attempt orchestrated by Dominican Republic strongman Rafael Trujillo and others by pretending to lead the takeover while quietly divulging the plot to Fidel Castro in order to help the fledgling government. 3. A memorial for the explosion was held a few days later. Title page of Morgan's translation of the Bible The opening page of The Book of Genesis in Morgan's Bible Life [ edit] In 1920, new rules were instigated which included the three hits per side and the back row attack rules. Morgan Morgan of, Llanrhymny; will, 25 Jan., 1729; married Elenor - , widow in 1755 s. p. 3. It is hard to know which is the truth. 1612 Samuel Morgan b: 1613 in LLandaff Co., Glamorgan, Wales Miles Morgan b: APR 1616 in LLandaff Co., Glamorgan, Wales. Neither does he give us a clue by stating whether or not his William of Llandaff was also the William of Diveru who married Elizabeth Morgan. One source from which this connection to William of Tredegar House probably began is the book "Morgans in America" by Nicholas T. Morgan, Sr. which states for William Morgan: was born in Llandaff, Glamorgan County, Wales, about 1580; was the father of the three sons herein below named, who emigrated to America and arrived at Boston, Massachusetts in April, 1636: James, John, Miles. The author does not state who the mother was that bore these three children which, of course, is the whole issue. Corrections? This page was last edited on 11 March 2023, at 01:38. Generation No. He was recorder of Brecon from 1637 and was King's attorney in South Wales until his death. "[14] Morgan was featured in 2015 on the PBS documentary series American Experience with the episode titled American Comandante. XIV. We who call ourselves actuaries owe so much to this legend William Morgan who was born in 25 th May 1750 in Bridgend, Wales. William Morgan, coroner, 1501, father or John of Newport, died 1541, father of William, 1541-1559. Several other sources say his eldest son was probably born in Wales. SIR JOHN MORGAN, Knight of the Sepulchre, 1448, steward of Gwentlloog ; married Jenet, daughter and co-heir of John ap David Mathew of Llandaff. I have my copy of the Genealogies of Glamorgan, and the material contained is very interesting and thorough especially for the ancient Morgans, the only mention of this family is found under Family Links where it states, Morgan of Dderw- Son in Law of Sir William Morgan of Tredegar. 1633 (with 1,600), Elizabeth (d. 28 June 1638), da. 8. 7. 1560) and Elizabeth Winter (B. Issue: 1. Frances, married 1st William Lewis of Llandewi-Rhydderch, 2d Sir Edward Morgan of Llantarnam. [1] In the years after the revolution, Morgan became disenchanted with Castro's turn to communism and he became one of the leaders of the CIA-supplied Escambray rebellion. 2. [15] Nineteenth-century local histories described Morgan as a heavy drinker and a gambler,[16] characterizations disputed by Morgan's friends and supporters. Killer Good Looks? THOMAS, second son of Sir John Morgan, was of Machen; esquire of the body to Henry VII. Issue: 1. 5. 2009-2021 Historic Mysteries. It was perhaps this that inspired his antagonistic expos of the Freemasons. Many of the events of his life come from the man himself. [13] When George Harris died in 1860, he had been excommunicated from the Mormons after ceasing to practice with them. JOHN MORGAN ; will dated 4 April, 1513 ; died about 1513 ; married Lettice, daughter of Sir George Herbert of St. Julian's. 4. Rowland. Where Volleyball Started", and Gwladis, da. XVII. [41] Author Jasper Ridley suggests that Morgan was probably killed by local Masons, as all other scenarios are highly improbable. 5. A daughter, s. p. By the second wife he had. Bellis, Mary. EDWARD MORGAN2 (Morgan1), son of Morgan and Dorothy Morgan, born near Gwynedd in 1719, married Margaret Rittenhouse, daughter of Matthias Rittenhouse, and a sister of David Rittenhouse, the famous astronomer, and settled in Montgomery Township.They had so far as is known but one child, Morgan Morgan. His Disappearance Led to Their Downfall. After he graduated he eventually became the physical education director at the Holyoke YMCA. [8] He decided that the game would involve a six-foot, six-inch net in the middle dividing the 2 separate playing areas, and that it would be played on a 30ft. 60ft. court, so that it could be played in gyms anywhere across the nation. When his business was destroyed in a fire, Morgan was reduced to poverty. 9. XV. Diveru is an early spelling, or a misspelling of Divern. A basketball was too heavy while the basketball bladder was too light. He went AWOL, was arrested, and escaped from custody by overpowering a guard. Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions. It said in part:[5]. 3. Elizabeth, married William Blethyn of Dynham. Issue: 1. William was born in 1766. Elizabeth, married William Jones of Abergavenny. [8] An elementary school in Holyoke, William Morgan School, bears his name. One of the conference delegates, Professor Alfred T. Halsted, loved the game of Mintonette, but he felt like something was just not right. Settlement 11 Nov. 1517; sheriff 1557. ? 2. Ordained in 1568, Morgan became a parish priest at Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, Denbighshire, 10 years later and was appointed bishop of Llandaff in 1595 and of St. Asaph in 1601. William married his first cousin, Elizabeth, who is the daughter of William (B. Mary, married Thomas Lewis of Rhiwperra. XI. William Morgan was born in the state of New York and studied at Springfield College, Massachusetts. [3], The allegations surrounding Morgan's disappearance and presumed death sparked a public outcry and inspired Thurlow Weed and others to harness the discontent by founding the new Anti-Masonic Party in opposition to President Andrew Jackson's Democrats. *William Morgan was born on this date in 1921. XIII. Morgan came up with "Mintonette" as the new name for his game.[5]. The William Morgan Mystery. Throughout the struggle against Batista, Morgan was vocal about Castro's supposed anti-communist beliefs. [48] In 1832, the Anti-Masonic Party fielded William Wirt as its presidential candidate and Amos Ellmaker as his running mate, and they received Vermont's seven electoral votes. The influence of Morgans translation upon Welsh literature cannot be overestimated. Miles was an adventurer, explorer, Indian fighter, constable, and local hero. 1. 6. Genealogy profile for William Morgan Genealogy for William Morgan (c.1693 - 1729) family tree on Geni, with over 230 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Issue: XVIII. He was father of: (a) Blanch, married Richard Greensward ; (b) Catherine, married Anthony Williams. He was called to the bar. Although much is now known about their practices, they have gone to extraordinary lengths over their long existence to remain hidden, lengths which even appear to extend to murder. : There must be many Morgans in the USA labouring under a delusion about the origins of John, James and Miles Morgan brothers, claimed to be sons of Sir William Morgan of Tredegar House. d. bet. John. At this time, you couldn't swing a dead cat in Wales without hitting a Morgan. [9] As the arrests of Morgan's former rebel comrades for counter-revolutionary activities started to increase, Morgan organized weapons to be smuggled to the counter-revolutionaries in the Escambray. William Morgan was born in Virginia in the eastern United States, in the town of Culpeper. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Therefore the ancestral line of the Morgans in the United States ends with James, John and Miles Morgan of Groton Massachusetts, or certainly no farther then to one William Morgan of unknown origin who resided in Bristol, England. Accept Read More, Judge Crater: The Missingest Man in New York City. He portrays him as a British spy, includes rogue British Masons, and has presidential agents thwart an assassination plot.[59]. [13], In June, 1881, a grave was discovered in a quarry two miles south of the Indian reservation in Pembroke, New York. [13] After Smith was murdered in 1844, she was "sealed" to him for eternity in a rite of the church. Morgan was motivated by Naismith's game of basketball designed for younger students to invent a game suitable for the older members of the YMCA. XII. [1] After testing all of the balls he had available, he had come to the conclusion that his best option was to ask A.G. Spalding & Bros. to make him a ball. [34], In October 1827, a badly decomposed body washed up on the shores of Lake Ontario. Morgan was very pleased with Spalding & Bros. work. [1] He was born in Lockport, New York, U.S. [2] Edward, 1586, married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Thomas of Bertholley. XV. [9][10], After creating some ground rules, William Morgan had to experiment with his game. 2. It was here, Morgan claimed, he was inducted into the Freemasons. [4], The pharmacist John Uri Lloyd based part of the background story of his popular scientific allegorical novel Etidorhpa (1895) on the kidnapping of William Morgan and the start of the Anti-Masonry movement. A Net Inceptions project. 10. educ. The book "History of Morgan Family" calls him a "merchant in Dderw [Thurrow] of Landaff" and a descendant of another Morgan line [other than that of Elizabeth]. X. LLEWELYN ap MORGAN of Tredegar and St. Clear, living 1387, married Jenet daughter and heir of David-vychan ap David of Rhydodyn, 1384-87. [32], There are conflicting accounts of what happened next. Ann, married Philip Morgan of Gwern-y-Cieppa. Philip, whence MORGAN OF LANGSTONE. 2. He bore arms, CILFYNYDD, (see page 11). 54 lodge members were indicted for Morgans kidnapping, and after 15 separate trials ten masons were ultimately convicted by Eli Bruce, the country sheriff for kidnapping. Anti-Masonic Movement. Anne Petronella, married Colonel Robert Bundless. 10. In 1881, a monument to William Morgan was erected in Batavia, New York which claimed that he was a captain in the War of 1812 and that he was abducted by the Freemasons. William Morgan (1545 10 September 1604) was a Welsh Bishop of Llandaff and of St Asaph, and the translator of the first version of the whole Bible into Welsh from Greek and Hebrew. Born 1710 in Llanfoist, Monmouthshire, Wales. JEVAN MORGAN, 1415-48, married Denise, or Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas ap Llewelyn-vychan of Lllangattog-on-Usk. Source: Victor Moussa / Adobe Stock. Our editors will review what youve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. He married Elizabeth Gayden Abt. __________________________________. Established by the William G. Morgan Foundation in 1995 during the centennial year of volleyball, the trophy is named in honor of William Morgan. Little is known of his early days, but it is known that he married Lucinda Pendleton from Richmond in 1819. citizenship. [14], He returned with his family to the United States, settling first at Rochester, New York, and later in Batavia, where he again worked as a bricklayer and stonecutter. [13] Two years after his marriage, Morgan moved his family to York, Upper Canada, where he operated a brewery. [9] After the revolution, Morgan developed a business of frog farming; with the legs being sold to restaurants, the skin for fashion accessories, and what remained for cattle feed. THOMAS MORGAN of Machen and Tredegar, and of the , Middle Temple, 1567-77; sheriff 1581 ; M. P. for county 1589; will 1603; married Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Bodenham. William George Morgan (January 23, 1870 - December 27, 1942) was the inventor of volleyball, originally called "Mintonette", a name derived from the game of badminton which he later agreed to change to better reflect the nature of the sport. By Felice, daughter of Thomas Richards : 4. Recaptured, he was court-martialed in 1948, received a dishonorable discharge, and spent over two years in a federal prison.[3]. David, 1442-48. 7. Elenor, married Grono ap Howel Bennet. William Morgan was born in Culpepper County, Virginia, on or about August 7, 1774. Thomas, whence MORGAN OF MACHEN AND TREDEGAR. Jane, married Rowland Morgan of Bassalleg. [4] The newspaper stories prompted two Democratic members of the United States House of Representatives, Charles Rangel and Marcy Kaptur, to travel to Cuba in April 2002 to meet Fidel Castro and ask him to return Morgan's body, and Castro agreed. Blanche MORGAN (b. ABT 1619 - d. 1661), The next Morgan lineage in our family does not go back quite as far. Top Image: Were the freemasons responsible for the death of William Morgan? And did his wife go home for their births? Whilst the third investigation claimed the body was of Timothy Monroe, a man who was also missing at the time. Rowland of Risca; will 19 Dec. 1660, proved Feb. 1661 ; married Honora --- , and had Colonel William Morgan; buried at Bassalleg, 27 Oct. 1679. I have also began social media outreach for a local historical research group. William Morgan, (born c. 1545, Caernarvonshire, Walesdied Sept. 10, 1604, St. Asaph, Flintshire), Anglican bishop of the Reformation whose translation of the Bible into Welsh helped standardize the literary language of his country. John, father of Gwenllian, married David Goch ap David, 4. 1582 Llandaff, Glamorganshire, Wales Morgan - Gray family genealogy: First Name: Last Name: [Advanced Search] Home Search Login Find. As he worked as the Director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke, he noticed that the game of basketball was not meant for everyone to play. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. The ball was also the perfect weight for Morgan's sport. [20][21] It has never been established if he actually received these degrees and, if so, from which lodge. The truth will likely never come out until another brave soul attempts to out the Freemason order. [35][36] One group of Freemasons denied that Morgan was killed, alleging that they had paid him $500 to leave the country. 15. Constance, married William. William Alexander Morgan (April 19, 1928 - March 11, 1961) was an American-born Cuban guerilla commander who fought in the Cuban Revolution, leading a band of rebels that drove the Cuban army from key positions in the central mountains as part of Second National Front of Escambray, thereby helping to pave the way for Fidel Castro's forces to [4] It ran a presidential candidate in 1832 but was nearly defunct by 1835. First, he had to decide which ball to use. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Morgan was the son of Llewellyn Morgan of Ystradfellte. Jane, married William David Powel. (I tried recently and hit four.) He purchased the estate of Dderw in Llyswen. 27/31 May 1649. sig. William Morgan of 206 Arcadian Drive, in Crosby, Harris County, Texas United States was born on October 9, 1923 in Polk County to William Morgan and Ellean (Calip) Morgan. [2][3], Morgan was born in Cleveland, Ohio, to Alexander Morgan and German-American Loretta Morgan (ne Ruderth). William Morgan was raised in Toledo, Ohio, in the upper-class neighborhood of West End. On July 7, 1896, the first game of volleyball was played at Springfield College. THOMAS MORGAN, sheriff 1661; died 18 Oct. 1666 [13 May 1664], aet. 1578 ; proved 1581, s. p.; married Catherine, daughter of Rowland Morgan of Machen, in 1571 ; widow of Thomas Mathew. 8. In 1964, at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Volleyball was introduced to the Olympics. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree. His translation of the Old Testament and the Apocrypha, published in 1588, was meant to complete the work of the Welsh writer William Salesbury, whose translation of the New Testament and The Book of Common Prayer had appeared in 1567. MILES MORGAN b: @ 1616 in Llandaff, Glamorganshire, Wales. HENRY, second son of Rowland Morgan of Machen, married Catherine, daughter and heir of William Kemeys of Llanrhymny, living 1567. Jenkyn, 1454. There is a memorial in St John's College Chapel, Cambridge, where Morgan was a student. Blanch, married William Herbert of Cogan Pill. . ",,, This article was most recently revised and updated by,, Dictionary of Welsh Biography - Biography of William Morgan. He was a merchant of Diveru, according to Cutter's Massachusetts, and moved to Bristol in 1616. 2. Missing Three Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers. MORGAN of Tredegar and St. Clear, married Maud, daugter of Rhun ap Grono ap Llwarch, Lord of Cibwr. Margaret. [36] There were also critics who suggested that the alleged discovery of the bones and other artifacts was intentionally timed to coincide with the effort to construct a memorial to Morgan and might have been an effort to generate publicity for the monument, which was in fact dedicated in 1882. In March 1959, officials of the U.S. embassy in Havana warned Americans that participation in foreign military service could jeopardize their citizenship. When the petitions to set up the chapters in Batavia were presented to the Freemasons Grand Chapter, William Morgans name was removed, and he was not allowed access to the Batavia chapter. Three days later, Morgan was arrested while attending a meeting for the National Institute for Agrarian Reform, to which he had been summoned. Ancestral File gives a 1638 death date, also other vitals. 9. Others however claimed that the fires were started by William Morgan in a drunken stupor in order to raise awareness for the upcoming book. SIR MORGAN JOHN, knighted 22 June, 1497. after Blackheath ; died in 1504; married Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Morgan of Pencoyd. William Morgan (born 1774 - disappeared c. 1826) was a resident of Batavia, New York, whose disappearance and presumed murder in 1826 ignited a powerful movement against the Freemasons, a fraternal society that had become influential in the United States. He married Susanna Woodhouse on 8 November 1781, in St Bartholomew the Great, London, England, United Kingdom. He had one son, Evan, who became vicar of his father's old parish of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. He met James Naismith, inventor of basketball, while Morgan was studying at Springfield College in 1892. MILES MORGAN, sheriff 1574 ; will dated June. Brother of Thomas Morgan and Blanch Morgan. For example, it is a rather natural assumption to loosely reason something like this: The Morgan brothers sailed from Bristol. Elizabeth, married John Fiennes. Possible father is Luke John Morgan. [43], Soon after Morgan disappeared, Miller published Morgan's book, which became a bestseller because of the notoriety of the events surrounding his disappearance. Issue : 1. [6], Morgan's birthplace T Mawr Wybrnant is preserved by the National Trust as a historic house museum. [4], After distinguishing himself in a series of battles, he was promoted to the rank of comandante, leading his own column. William Wilson Morgan, (born Jan. 3, 1906, Bethesda, Tenn., U.S.died June 21, 1994, Williams Bay, Wis.), American astronomer who, in 1951, provided the first evidence that the Milky Way Galaxy has spiral arms. [28] On September 11, 1826, Morgan was arrested for supposed nonpayment of a loan and allegedly stealing a shirt and a tie;[29] according to the laws of the time he could be held in debtors' prison until restitution was made, which would have made it more difficult to publish his book. It was not until a year later in October 1827, a body washed up on the shore of Lake Ontario. 1601 James B. Morgan b: ABT. Morgan also declared at this point that he had received the previous six degrees leading up to the honor, a necessary prerequisite, but there are no records to support the truth of these statements. ,

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