Hyperbaric Oxygen Training (HBOT), anti-aging, telemeter reversing (20 years in 3 months), as well as healing for injury, inflammation, infection, and improved circulation.  

HBOT involves breathing pure oxygen via a soft pressurized chamber, so our lungs can gather more oxygen than would be possible than breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure. Our blood will then carry the pure oxygen throughout our body and our organs, helping to fight bacteria while stimulating the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which 

promote healing. It’s a noninvasive Training , highly effective and treats a variety of illnesses and conditions.

HBOT has been helping clients for the past 50 years with various symptoms and is approved by the FDA in many cases. Enjoy a quiet moment in a chamber pressurised with oxygen at 1.3 atmospheres and allow this vital gas to penetrate your pores, lungs, brain and blood.

We’ve custom designed our hyperbaric chamber to fit the needs of our clients , keeping in mind that many people suffer from claustrophobia and anxiety. Our chamber is soft, comfortable and intended to treat one person at a time, allowing privacy which many clients expect and desire.


HBOT help clients with the following conditions: